Mentor coaching

Are you on your journey to get your ACC or PCC certification?

Are you already a coach and would like to sharpen your coaching skills?

I dare to say that all talented coaches never stop working with their own development as coaches. I know through my own experience that this is a fun, encouraging and self-developing journey. A journey that gives new perspectives, ideas and a desire to stretch my coaching a little further at each stage. My hope is that I can give you a similar experience in your future career as a coach.

Through mentor coaching with me we would work with the 11 coach core competencies of the International Coach Federation. There are several ways we can do this, for example:

  1. You describe a coaching situation and we discuss what worked well and what you found more challenging. Then we work out a way that works for you on how to approach it. (It could be for example: “I didn’t feel I got to the essence with client X. Could I have done differently?” …or “I have ethical doubts with a client, what should I do?”)
  2. You can record a session and send it to me and then I will give you feedback. It is then important that we both listen to the recording. You give yourself feedback and after that I will give you mine.
  3. You coach me (and we may record it as above) and then I give you feedback.
  4. We can also, if possible, work with “live coaching”, meaning that you coach a client live and I listen and then give you feedback.

Normally we mix these options. I do however strongly recommend that we do number 2 at least once, often in combination with transcripts. We will then be focusing the feedback on the PCC markers.