Por el momento hago formaciones de coaching en sueco y en inglés, con lo cual el resto del texto está en inglés. Pero si te interesa lo hago sin problema tambien en español. Ponte en contacto conmigo y lo hablamos.


Leadership development is a fresh product. A great leader is a person in constant training in order to increase self-awareness and to be able to adapt to new scenarios. With the high rate of change that we are facing today, both in society as a whole and in and in businesses, it is important to be prepared to make adjustments to a future that is often an often unpredictable.

We offer several leadership trainings, both “open” and company-specific if you are a group from the same company. The programs are different in length depending on needs, but let’s discuss what could work for you. The basis is to learn how to implement the coaching approach more consciously but also to know when this is not the right tool to use. It is important to find a balance between when to coach and when you need to be a manager and communicate decisions or strategies that are non-negotiable. In our trainings you will get tools, tricks, and theories mixed with a lot of practical training. We will focus on how you can cooperate and communicate in the best way with different individuals and groups and how to manage conflicts. We will also explore ways to keep yourself and your team motivated and how to give strengthening feedback. In short, you will be empowered in how you will lead yourself, your team and your business.

Are you new as a manager and need support and guidance in your leadership? A good way is to combine individual leadership coaching and working with your team at the same time. How can you get your employees involved, inspire and lead them in the most effective way. How do you communicate and how do you work with the company’s goals and vision? How do you live up to company values ​​and get others to do the same?


If you want to improve your coaching skills on a deeper professional level, we offer longer courses (8 days during approximately 4 months). These trainings will give you a diploma at the end. This diploma is a good start if you later wish to become a certified coach. These trainings are either “open” or company-adapted. Please contact me if you want to learn more.

The trainings are always linked to many practical exercises and self-directed studies for the best effect. You will also get personal coaching from a professional coach to enhance the experience as a whole.


If your company is facing a reorganisation, mergers, downsizing, it is important to gather the team to communicate, clarify and motivate. With coaching tools we can inspire, enthuse, and start a creative process both on an individual and on a group level. Also, if creativity and joy is included in the process, learning and performance will be much easier to achieve.