Mentor coaching


Mentor coaching is about sharpening oneself as a coach and being coached on International Coaching Federation’s, (ICF’s) core competencies. You can find them here: . Together we identify how I can best support you in developing your coaching skills. In mentor coaching, there may be elements of guidance and tips when, for example, you are stuck with a client or may need a new tool or model.

Professional coaches constantly strive to perfection their own coaching skills. For me, it is an incredible kick to get mentor coaching from an experienced coach since I always aim to reach a higher level. This is what I hope to be able to contribute to if you choose me as your mentor coach.


Mentor coaching can be done in several different ways, for example:

  • You describe a coaching situation and we discuss what worked well and what you found challenging. We identify how you can move forward and how to approach it next time. (It could be for example: “I didn’t feel I understood the essence with client X. Could I have approached it differently?” …or “I have ethical doubts with a client, what should I do?”)
  • You record a session and send it to me. It is important that you listen to the recording yourself and give yourself feedback first. Then I will give you mine.
  • You coach me (and we may record it as above) and then I give you feedback.
  • We can also, if possible, work with “live coaching”, meaning that you coach a client live and I listen and give you feedback.



The mentor coach group (which will be a mix of the ACC and the PCC level) meets virtually on zoom three times. Each group meeting is 1 hour and 40 minutes, a total of 5 hours. In addition, you will get 5 hours of individual sessions. The ICF require  only 3 hours of individual mentor coaching, but I have chosen to put more emphasis on these since I have noticed that more individual support is often needed and highly appreciated especially at the PCC level.

Prerequisites: That you have a diploma from a coach-specific training, minimum on ACC level, and that you coach actively during the mentor coaching program.

Contact me for dates.

The maximum number of participants is six people.

Price: SEK 11,000 excluding VAT.

If you are in a hurry, you can choose to work with only individual calls. Get in touch and we will put together a program that suits you.

For registration or more information: tel +4670-2622452


  • 10 mentor coaching hours, which is required for ICF certification and at ACC also for re-certification
  • Tips and techniques for sharpening core competencies.
  • Opportunities to coach and get feedback from a very experienced mentor coach and trainer

  • Lots of learning from others in the group.
  • A certificate proving that you have had 10 mentor coach hours with me.