Meet Nina /Testimonials


In 2004, I started my coaching journey, a bit on my own, but two years later I decided to attend a professional coach training program. It changed my life, which may sound as a “cliché”, but I count my life before and after that coach training. By this I mean that coaching and the coaching approach have affected me in most things I do, how I act at work, how I am with my colleagues, family and friends and I dare say that I have become a better person.

I have worked as a coach since 2006 and in 2012 I received my PCC certification. I run my own company where I work full time as a professional coach. The emphasis is on executive and leadership coaching and personal development. I am also a mentor coach ( I mentor individually professional coaches in training) and a coach trainer. Here I also collaborate with, among others, Coachutbildning Sverige AB and Skolcoacherna AB.

I am a member of International Coaching Federation, the world’s largest, non-profitable organisation for professional coaches and I follow their guidelines for ethics and quality. I served as an “ambassador” for the local ICF chapter in Stockholm, Sweden for 2,5 years and I was on the Steering Committee organizing the global conference in London 2012. Read more on or

I have formerly worked as Product Manager and International Marketing Manager mainly within the pharmaceutical industry. My professional experience is predominantly from the self care area – food supplements, natural remedies and herbal medicinal products, but also prescription-free drugs. I also have experience from education/information, publicity and PR mainly from consumer products, tourism, catering, building and construction and the transportation industry.


I have a BA in International Business Administration (major in French and the French market) from the University of Uppsala, Sweden. I am a Professional Certified Coach, (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a Mentor Coach certified with Coach Advancement (PCC markers). I have several other diplomas in coaching e.g. Team coaching, Internal business coaching, Career coaching, Storytelling & Coaching, Meta coaching, Group coaching, CBT for Coaches, Clean Language and I am a certified stop smoking coach.

I have completed several courses in leadership training, mental training and health.


I also coach in Swedish, Spanish (my second mother tongue) and French.